Vanina Pikholc

Bilingual journalist

Content creator

Podcast + video producer

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About me

I was born in Argentina, where I worked as a journalist, writer, radio producer, and community manager. In 2018, I cofounded Furor, a podcast production company. In 2021, I moved to Tel Aviv, where I am currently based, developing digital products for media.

My portfolio

your podcast

Branded content


Rapaport Market Comment (Rapaport Media - 2024)


Short videos interviewing public policy recipients.

(Ministerio de Desarrollo Social de la Nación - 2018)


Multimedia production and editing for news

(Rapaport - 2021)

I have worked with

Diario Clarín - Revista Ohlalá! - Revista Rumbos - Revista Shop&Co - Revista DIMM - FM Identidad - GlamOut - FM Radio Sur - B'nei B'rith - Grupo VI-DA - Chicas Poderosas - Un mundo Inmenso - Punctum - LabitConf - Genomma Lab - Ministerio de Desarrollo Social - ADVA Center - Rapaport Media - The Hebrew University of Jerusalem